Review: Daredevil #30

Much of the beauty of Mark Waid’s current run on Daredevil comes from the beginnings of the book as well as the endings that sometimes end in agonizing cliffhangers. Either way, you never know how this book is going to being or end, it commands your attention for every page.

One thing you can expect is Eisner Award winning artist, Chris Samnee, bringing his superb skillset. This book has one of the more unique feels to it that stands out from the rest of Marvel’s armory. It’s a little poppy and extremely warm. Samnee has the ability to express a lot through his pencils. One of my favorite moments is the look on Daredevil’s face as he borrows the Silver Surfer’s ride, forcing him to play back seat with an grouchy smirk on his face.Daredevil_30-674x1024

Waid is able to flesh out a story comprise of a lighter tone that served as a great transition for the next issue. Foggy’s ups and downs have taken over the emotional direction for the series in the latest storyline and this detour works perfectly to divert readers from focusing on the misfortune of Daredevil’s best friend. This book has always had an element of fun and Waid reminds us of that.

As I mentioned before, its startlingly difficult trying to predict what’s going to happen. Many of us were aware of the Silver Surfer’s involvement with this issue because the cover made its way across the Internet. But the explanation for one of the most powerful intergalactic being surfing through New York was unpredictable. Of course Waid finds a way to fit it in by bringing the Surfer to Earth on a relentless mission that shows a new side of the character that we have seen before. It all makes for a very exciting ride.

Daredevil is one of the rare books that can go in any direction it wants and it’s never a bad choice. There’s only one thing to say: Read this book.

Final Score: 5/5