Joss Whedon’s Quick Silver Gives X-Men Days of Futures Past a Run for its Money

Bryan Singer’s X-Men: First Class sequel, X-Men: Days of Future Past was looking pretty good when the promotional ball started rolling. From the intricate use of social media with imitation websites centered in the… Continue reading

Need For Speed 3D Review

Need for Speed is exactly what it advertises, fast cars and that’s pretty much it. In this high-stakes, tire-peeling thriller Aaron Paul takes on his first leading role on the big screen after… Continue reading

About Last Night Review

The first two weeks of February usually involve a barrage of love-entwined flicks and this year is no different, except for one movie.  About “Last Night” is the curveball needed to break down… Continue reading

Labor Day Review

Traditionally Labor Day isn’t the most romantic day of the year. Between the last days of summer and the start of school, romance is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind. But in… Continue reading

Norman Reedus to Star in New Sci-Fi Film Produced By Robert Kirkman

Well, Robert Kirkman has finally taken that last big step on to the big screen. After climbing his way to the top of comic book mountain through innovative titles like Invincible and the… Continue reading

Robocop Review

There are dozens of 80’s movies that should remain untouched. It doesn’t matter how much time has passed, how many others have been churned through the Hollywood idea mill, they need to be… Continue reading

Watch The Guardians of The Galaxy Trailer Now!

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Lego Movie 3-D Review

It’s been years since I’ve played with Lego building bricks. Other than stepping on stray blocks peppered across my little cousin’s house, which send me leaping into the air in pain, I never… Continue reading

New Guardians of the Galaxy Photos

Marvel’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy is set to hit theaters this summer. But unlike most of Marvel’s movies, its kept a relatively quiet status. Well, fortunately for those who have been dying to… Continue reading

Check Out The Son of Batman Trailer

Usually Batman’s sidekicks don’t share any of the same genes as the Dark Knight himself, but Grant Morrison introduced  Batman’s one and only son (technically he’s more of a testube baby) during his… Continue reading