Pull List 8/28/13

American Vampire Anthology #1


Scott Snyder wiil not be back on American Vampire with cohort, Rafel Albuquerque until this winter. It’s a long wait but the first eve American Vampire Anthology is a nice treat to hold us over, for a while at least. Quite a few all-Star writers and artist will be hoping on this issue so if you have more than a couple reasons to pick this up.

Batman/Superman #3


Don’t worry, the mentioning of Batman and Superman together doesn’t always have to draw the attention of people looking for gossip of DC biggest live-action superhero movie, it could just regard the latest issue of Batman/Superman which has been awesome since it was let out the gate. There are so many surprises in this series already, I can’t even imagine what’s up next.



The first issue of Vertigo’s newest book, formally titled Collider, started off an a good foot. It was original and apart of a narrowing sci-fi genre that I miss and feel comics need dearly. The series is just starting and its still a great time to jump on and not get left behind.

Justice League #23


The end of the trinity War is finally here. DC has been busting through a lot of short events in the last several months and for the most part they have all concluded with decent success. Let’s cross our fingers, hoping Justice League to follow suit.

New Avengers


We haven’t seen New Avengers in a while. With Hickman piloting Marvel’s “Infinity” event, picking up all the books he’s currently on is probably a smart idea. Hickman likes to make connections and broaden his stories as much as possible. He really likes doing it big. If you’re not diggin’ Marvels current even right now, you should still grab this because the series has been awesome.