Review: Saga #13

The wait for Saga has been nothing less than painful, but it is well-worth it when that one Wednesday a month it’s placed on shelves and the entire world rejoices.

Brian K. Vaughn follows up right after the events of issue twelve with a very delicate approach, nothings rushed or thrown in your face to push the story forward. Some questions are addressed, reactions from the recent past are explore. Marco is still mourning the untimely death of his father and The Will is still troubled by the haunting memory of his former lover and the complicated future that he has with the little girl and Marco’s crazy ex-fiancé.saga13-cover-fc8ed

For the most part, especially in the case of Marco and Alana, things have always worked out, the dark spots have always been paired with some type of light, but not right now and it’s bracing. The narration from the young child already implies some things about the story already, getting a few curve balls every now and then keeps me more absorbed and attentive than I already am.

And of course, the story is still on an amazing track and the art maintains its high standard as well.

What can you say about Fiona Staples that hasn’t already been said. Her artwork is simply beautiful, right now I don’t know if I could say the story would have the same impact without Staples’ vision and creativity to shape something so original and fantastic.

Saga is back, it hasn’t lost a step, if anything its preparing to breach another tier of excellence.

Final Score: 4.5/5