Need For Speed 3D Review

Need for Speed is exactly what it advertises, fast cars and that’s pretty much it. In this high-stakes, tire-peeling thriller Aaron Paul takes on his first leading role on the big screen after finishing up his outstanding run on Breaking Bad. Paul does the best he can with a movie that seems like it was rushed into theaters.


Aaron Paul hops behind the wheel as Tobey Marshall, a street racer with a gift for driving but he channels his passion into working under the hood instead at his father’s auto shop. A former rival comes into Tobey’s life with a once in a lifetime deal he can’t pass up, but it ends with him in handcuffs after he’s framed for the murder of his friend. After unjustly serving his time, Tobey is hell-bent on earning his long overdue revenge.

A simple plot isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but Need for Speed’s is almost too basic and the chore of waiting for the unsurprising finale is forced upon the audience. A one-way road to revenge with a taste of some half-hearted secondary character introspective that feels like it was molded by the cookie cuter use for a B-grade action movie serves as most of the filler for the movie.

When it comes to the metal beasts that carve of to the pavement, it’s almost as good as it gets. From cars you’ve never heard of to exploits you’ve never seen the movie doesn’t disappoint.


Nice cars, ridiculous stunts that utilize the 3D awesomely and a few pretty girls can only take the movie so far and it’s well short of the finish line. Need for Speed runs out of gas long before it really gets close to the finish line.

Grade: C-