Review: Burn The Orphanage: Born to Lose #1

Don’t worry about the title, Burn the Orphanage is one of the most enjoyable comics that we’ve been “graced” (Ha ha get it? Because the artists last name is…Ok that was bad and kinda of painful to write, you can keep reading now) your eyes in a long time.


The Lil’ Depressed Boy artist, Sina Grace, elaborates on his writing talent that was revealed in his graphic novel, Not My Bag, along with co-writer Daniel Freedman in this 80’s pop-culture homage to a hero’s story. Burn The Orphanage reads like one of those old-school action movies. It’s consistently entertaining, well-paced and hilarious.

The story follows Rock, the lone survivor of an arson that destoryed an orphanage. That little guy grew up into an ass kicker with the looks of a Ken-Ryu hybrid from Street Fighter with 2x the awesomeness. Along with a couple of friends,Rock hands out some sweet street justice. And guess what else? Stripper ninjas! I don’t even know how to elaborate on that. But it’s just as cool as it sounds.

Graces sharp art along with the wonderful use of cool and warm colors creates a really magnetic tone that draws you from panel to panel effortlessly. Grace has quite the knack for drawing action as well. Some of the best scenes involve someone getting kicked in the face.

The first chapter of this three-issue series came out swinging like a prize-fighter. The only thing I was disappointed with after reading was the fact that we only have two issues left. Enjoy it while it last guys!

Final Score: 5/5