Review: Iron Man #14

Kieron Gillen’s has been forging a new passageway for Tony Stark and its been pretty interesting for the most part. Finding out all the work that went into Tony’s birth only adds more substance to the character.

For a while now, he’s been held against his will by rouge robot, Recorder 451. After being introduced to a four-mile tall robot-like machine called the God-Killer, equipped with enough power to eradicate planets, Tony’s clashes with Recorder 451 as he preaches how Stark was destined to pilot this monstrous creation. The situation is only worsened when 451 calls Death’s Head, one of the universes greatest bounty hunters (besides Bobba Fett) to hunt Stark down and force him to jump in line.IM2012014-DC11-LR-5fe1c-674x1024

This issue encompasses a little more action than the last few. Greg Land’s style doesn’t entirely suit this type of activity, it comes off a little stiff. And that’s saying something for a comic that’s focused on a guy that spends half of his time in a metal suit. But his pencils are greatly complimented by Guru-eFX’s wonderful colors and the result creates a decent ride through to the end.

Tony really shines through Gillen’s cleverly crafted monologue along with his banter between his two pursuers. After all, Tony is one of the few characters who can provide an entertaining issue just by talking the entire time.

We’re finally moving forward after learning the truth behind Tony’s existence. Gillen is building up for a big conclusion with his latest arc and it’s on the fast track after a couple of slow issues.

Final Score: 3.5