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REVIEW: Wonder Woman 23.1

Cheetah’s are malicious yet graceful animals. There’s a certain beauty to them, just like there’s a certain elegance to the villain Cheetah, herself.  John Ostrander does an awesome job bringing out the true… Continue reading

Review: True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys #4

Gerrad Way and Shaun Simon have shifted this series into a higher gear these last two issues. The plots progressing at a speedier pace, and I like it. After sticking in some places… Continue reading


Right from the beginning Daredevil opens with floodgates of sentiment. I’d never I’d be this interested in a character’s in a comic, that’s are not the superhero but writer Mark Waid has built… Continue reading

New Thor: The Dark World Posters

Lady Sif and Jane take center stage in the new posters for Marvel’s, Thor: The Dark World.

New Agent Carter TV Series In Development

After charming her way through Captain America: The First Avenger,Peggy Carter became a sought after character, earning a Marvel One-Shot. Still, that wasn’t enough to extinguish the desire to see the character again.… Continue reading

The Walking Dead Spinoff Is A Bad Idea

Saul Goodman got his own spinoff from the amazing Breaking Bad series, that’s sadly coming to an end in just a couple episodes, and AMC already decided they needed add another companion series… Continue reading

Pull List (9/16/2013)

Daredevil  You can absolutely do no wrong picking up this book. Everything about it is great. A new story is set to start and its a great time to jump on for the… Continue reading

Star Wars Character’s That Deserve Origin Movies

Well, after the announcement of the seventh film in the Star Wars franchise, we later learned that Disney is planning on releasing origin films as well. We’ll be exploring the past of many… Continue reading


After a three consecutive successful seasons as one of cable televisions biggest horror-drama’s, The Walking Dead will no longer be the only zombie show on the AMC network, in fact it won’t be… Continue reading