Legend of Korra- Book 2 Trailer

The painful wait has been relieved! It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything new from The Legend of Korra but the wheels have started turning again and Korra is back! Take a… Continue reading

The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer

We got a pretty decent sized trailer for our first look at the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. Check it out!

Bishop revealed from “X-Men Days of Future Past”

Thanks to Superherohype, we’re able to get a look at some of the X-Men in costume from the upcoming film, “X-Men Days of Future Past”. We also get our first look at Bishop,… Continue reading

First Clip of Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Premieres at San Diego Comic-Con

Well, it didn’t take long for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to start stealing headlines. Only a day into San Diego Comic-Con and we already have our first look at the one of the… Continue reading

Holy Crap, Godzilla Looks Huge

Take a look at the latest poster for the upcoming Godzilla movie set to release in 2014. The size of the tail itself should give you a hint of how enormous Godzilla is… Continue reading

Comics You Should Be Reading Vol 1. : The Li’l Depressed Boy

Every time you read a comic it doesn’t have to be about a superhero or a mutant or someone whose been bitten by a radioactive spider. I try to keep my reading taste… Continue reading

Pacific Rim Review: To Fight Monsters, We Created Monsters Of Our Own

Pacific Rim isn’t an oversized 180 million dollar version of Rock ‘em Sock ‘em robots with a couple of Godzilla castoffs, it’s the biggest spectacle you will see this summer, literally. I don’t… Continue reading

Ender’s Game Author Ask Moviegoers To Ignore His Intolerance For The Sake Of The Film

I’ve always found it interesting when politics cross into other realms. It’s weird seeing how quick a change of heart can arise when they become apart of the conversation. It’s not hard to… Continue reading

Michael B. Jordan May Not Be Human Torch But He Was Up For The Role of Harry Osborn and Falcon.

Is it starting like Michael B. Jordan is a magnetic for anything that has to do with comic book movies? Talk of Jordan suiting up as Jonny Storm in a Fantastic Four movie… Continue reading