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Todd The Ugliest Kid On Eart Gets A TV Show

The Image Comics series, Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth, is the most recent comic book to transition its way onto the animated television scene. Only 4 issues deep, Todd the Ugliest Kid… Continue reading

Watch The Trailer For X-Men: Battle of the Atom

Watch the trailer for the upcoming mobile game based of the based of of the recently announced X-Men event, “X-Men: Battle of the Atom”

Guardians of The Galaxy #5 Preview

Spinning out of the dramatic conclusion of Age of Ultron, dimensions collide and Heaven’s most fearsome Angel pushes the Guardians back on their heels.   [Via]

Batman Inc. #13 Destroys The Concept Of Batman?

There have been countless writers fortunate enough to create weaves stories about Batman, but Grant Morrison is one of the greatest to ever dive deep into the mind of the Dark Knight. But… Continue reading

This Week’s Pull List (7/24/13)

AQUAMAN #22 Geoff Johns has turned Aquaman into a must read every month. He’s able to fit amazing stories in a couple of books and it really sets the standard for the phrase… Continue reading

Where’s Wonder Woman??

It looks like we finally have an outline to follow towards the long awaited Justice League movie thanks to the announcements at San Diego Comic-Con. I didn’t think it would come along so… Continue reading

First “X-Men Days of Future Past” Arrive

ProfessorX and Magneto meet their future selves in the first posters released from the latest in line of the X-Men films.   [via Entertainment Weekly]

Batman #23 Preview

Witness the moment Bruce Wayne becomes Batman as “Zero Year” makes history! And in the backup story, a young Bruce Wayne fights for his life in a death match in Russia! [via]

Chronicle Writer Pitches His Death of Superman Story

Do you have forty minuets to spare? If so, take a look at Max Landis’s pitch for a his Death of Superman story. At the beginning of the year the writer was approached… Continue reading

Joss Whedon Speaks on Avengers: Age of Ultron

What we learned: Ultron will evolve, he won’t maintain the same form. Avengers: Age of Ultron Starts filming around February or March. The Avengers will be a global presence, they won’t be secluded… Continue reading