Is this a Man of Steel Sequel or a Justice League Movie?

We finally have a live-action Wonder Woman ready to make her first on-screen appearance! Earlier it was announced that Gal Godot would take on the role of Diana Prince in the Man of Steel sequel. I certainly have no problem with the casting right now, I’ll wait to judge until I see some footage at least. Fans, including myself, have been pleading for a Wonder Woman movie, after numerous Batman films and a several Superman flicks, she’s finally here. She was the only part of the superhero “Trinity” that was missing. I am unbelievably happy that DC finally listened, but I have a huge fear that the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel might overshadow the character and dilute her silver-screen premier entirely.


What might be even more trouble is the fact that she might not be the only addition into the untitled “Superman/Batman” movie, which may be why it’s untitled. Talks of the Flash and Nightwing have risen to the top of the rumor mill and of course, wherever there’s Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor isn’t too far behind, which brings A.R.G.U.S into the picture too. And how does the television branch of the universe fit into all this? We have one Flash on the way, will we have two now? It’s all so much to think about.

Really, this is a pretty big deal. Other than Green Lantern, we’ve never seen another DC hero in full fashion in a film. This is a new beginning, everything is going to be different from here on out. But are they going about it the right way.

It feels like DC is moving too fast. Are we seeing the Justice League preparing to form in just the second movie in their new universe? There’s a possible overload on the horizon here with all these heroes they’re jamming in, hopefully the roster of villains serves the need for all of this. Maybe Marvel just handled their cinematic roll out so well we can’t imagine any other way of handling this type of process. Honestly, it’s probably a little bit of both.


From my perspective, I’m all for giving the fans the benefit of the doubt. We know who Batman is, we know Superman and most of us should know Wonder Woman too. But after the portrait Zack Snyder painted of Superman with Man of Steel, we we’re introduced to a new vision, which most likely means the rest of the characters will see some changes too. Viewers are going to have to make a lot of adjustments to characters very quickly.

Marvel took it nice and slow, step-by-step, introducing nearly every character individually, aside from Hawkeye and Black Widow. And as we can all see, the pace worked pretty well. But DC’s approach, which looks almost like the polar opposite right now, does have some bright spots.

The character’s that are being launched won’t need a full-length origin story, they can get straight to the action—that’s if they’re presented in the right way. That was the major benefit I saw in the first announcement of the Man of Steel sequel. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Bruce Wayne’s parents get shot or Clark Kent’s kryptonian parents send him off of a doomed planet, but I think we get it now. Let’s get right down to it for once, let’s tell some new stories. All that needs these character’s need is a proper platform of presentation, we don’t need to see them progress from A to B to C, every single time.

As of now it looks like someone’s hoping on the fast track, trying to play catch-up. Hopefully the train doesn’t roll off the tracks before they get a chance to develop a world as large as Marvel’s.


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