Goodbye Breaking Bad

When something ends, the worst part is looking for something to replace it. That’s usually because you’re not satisfied with how whatever ended—ended. There’s a void, an emptiness that needs to be filled, something that needs completion. As the Breaking Bad ending loomed closer, I hastily searched for the answer to the question, “how am I going to replace Breaking Bad”. The answer is, I’m not.


It’s over, done, finished and it was done beautifully. Any and every questioned I had was answered. All the problems that remained precedence throughout the series were resolved. Everything didn’t play out the exact way I thought but the final season and especially the final episode did one thing I really wanted, it ended the story. That’s all I wanted. No loose strings, open ends, just a culmination of one of the best stories on television.

For 62 episodes I rooted for the bad guy. Someone people would characterize as: psychotic, manipulative, and cruel. I’ve never done that before, but I enjoyed every bit of it as I watched his story come full circle. The world that was built around him, all the people and places that created this Illusion helped incorporate a passionate punch on all fronts, setting the stage for the unforgettable Walter White. Make it even harder him leave and depart from this environment that we had become so familiar with.

I was anxious every episode before the last, dreading every minute that ticked away, realizing it was one less that I had of Breaking Bad. But when it finally arrived, I was content. Every step of the way we were guided in “Felina” was like tying a bow around one of the most bittersweet gifts you could ever receive. After each previous episode, the bow got tighter and tighter until it was just right. And then they just handed it right over to us.


As the last season closed, I appreciated the emphasis on one of the basic idea’s of chemistry, change. The process of watching something transform from one thing, into something completely different. Of course everyone will think of Walter White in this regard, transforming from a simple high school teacher into one of the most dangerous men in the Midwest, but the show itself was a perfect example of chemistry. Each season, each episode had something different and explored a new aspect with the same ingredients. Ending with the same stellar result, something amazing.

You can’t replicate this type of thing. It comes around every once so often. That’s not necessarily a good thing. We all want to spend our time watching something good instead of wasting it on garbage. But I will say, when things like this only come around every blue moon, you can appreciate it, digest it for every bit it’s worth. The Sopranos, The Wire and a few others have been lucky to go the distance. Still, Breaking Bad strays from the pack. Not everyone may call it the best show to ever grace a television screen but if you let them pick more than one I can guarantee that Breaking Bad wouldn’t wander far from the top.

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t going to greatly miss Breaking Bad. But against my foregoing assumption, I will not suffer the withdrawals I imagined and I will not wish that the show went on forever. It’s like reading a good book. All it needs is a great beginning, middle and end. Then you put it back on the shelf, maybe sometimes you pick it up, marvel at the cover and breeze through the pages but you never abuse it by overdosing on it over and over again.


Breaking bad is done, but it was a beautiful ride. Unforgettable in every way. I don’t think it could’ve ended a better way and I’m just happy that I was able to watch it manifest into the wonderful thing that it did.