REVIEW: Wonder Woman 23.1

Cheetah’s are malicious yet graceful animals. There’s a certain beauty to them, just like there’s a certain elegance to the villain Cheetah, herself.  John Ostrander does an awesome job bringing out the true animal in Wonder Woman’s most intimate nemesis.

We revisit Doctor Minerva aka Cheetah before her days as a constant pursuer of bloodlust and ferocity in this issue. She was once one of Wonder Woman’s best friends and someone she looked to as a connection in this world that was so foreign to her. But when Barbra Minerva completed her transformation, whatever was left of her human self was dead and now  she lives for the hunt. Ostrander turns her into a relentless killer, only aiming to please the Goddess of the hunt.

Cheetah isn’t totally an animal there are moments of humanity inside her, she remembers who she used to be but sometimes it seems she would rather forget as she dismiss moments between her and Wonder Woman and embraces the monster that she has become, a true hunter. STK625200

Victor Ibanez creates this vicious, bloodthirsty Cheetah that just complexly unleashes throughout the issues. Crazy panels filled with blood and vicious takedowns catch they eye immediately. Colorist Will Quintana also deserves some credit for the beautifully painted environments that transition throughout the issue. These two should work together more often.

If you didn’t know Cheetah before, after reading, I’m completely positive that you know her now. She’s more than just a beast, she’s cold and vengeful, someone even Wonder Woman is reluctant to come against. And after this issue I’m really looking forward to what’s in store for this character.

Final Score : 4.3/5