Review: True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys #4

Gerrad Way and Shaun Simon have shifted this series into a higher gear these last two issues. The plots progressing at a speedier pace, and I like it. After sticking in some places for a while and missing out on others it’s nice to see them all examined at once. These two talented writers have built an enormous futuristic world in just three issues and as a reader you want to explore every inch of it. Getting to take

One of the main themes also comes through a lot stronger in this issue. The idea of love. Does it make you weak or does it make you stronger? Arguments for both are posed in this issue and answered as well, some in more of a depressing fashion. But this place is a war zone, death has been a presence throughout this entire series and each one has it’s own meaning.


Way and Simon continue to explore pathos as well, taking every opportunity to pull at our heart strings in this issue.

I’ve explored every corner my brain and failed to find new ways to complement Becky Cloonan’s fantastic art. I love the way the colors fit in this book as well so I can thank Dan Jackson for that also. It’s just beautifully put together and it reflects the attitude of the book so well. Cloonan is definitely at the top of my list of favorite artist but that already happened after I read The Mire.

Every time I close the final page of the True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoy’s I’m reminded that there is one less issue I have to enjoy and I’m one more closer to the end. This is book is sincerely a joy to read.

Final Score: 4.4/5