The first issue of Eternal Warrior walked in like a Rockstar. If you want to learn how to open a series, then take a page from writer Greg Pak’s playbook.

From the start it was ridiculously crazy. Between the enormous amount of bloodshed and battle sequences, there were so many twist that I couldn’t see any of them coming. There was a surprise on every other page. There was no way I was putting this book down for a second, even if there was a fire, okay, ya if there was a fire I’d probably stop, but I’d bring this book with me!SoV_WARRIOR_FINAL

The story follows a family of warriors, proud of their culture, willing to sacrifice everything for it. But inside you can see what used to be a strong core fracturing as disagreements between the father and daughter split their motives. Pak gives these character’s especially the daughter a lot of passion. Her attitude steers the book and she stains your memory becoming  unforgettable.

As a result, morals are challenged and erased during the battle between Earth and an unknown force that threatens humanity as they know it is

As for the art? I think Trevor Hairsine just became one of my favorite artists? Yep, he did, just after one issue and I’m already enchanted by his artwork. It’s precise and active. The first issue carries a tremendous amount of action and without his ability to make these characters look vibrant and active, the story wouldn’t feel the same at all. I’m definitely looking forward to what he’s got going on in the next issue.

Eternal Warrior is dynamic on all fronts. It’s upside is unimaginable. If the rest of the series carries the quality of the first issue, it’s sure to be a runaway hit.

Final Score: 5/5