Pull List (09/11/2013

Pull List for the Week of September 11, 2013


Eternal Warrior #1


Valliant and Greg Pak are teaming up to bring an awesome story together for us. This week we get the first issue follows one of the worlds greatest warriors, he’s never ever lost a battle. But now there’s something from his past haunting him.

X-Men #5


X-Men Battle of the Atom started last week, with the first two issues already coming out at the same time. Both were excellent and if the cliffhanger at the end of the last issue was tearing apart fro inside this is a perfect antidote. It’s also going to be interesting to see how a different writer directs the event, seeing as Brian Michael Bendis wrote the first two issues.

Prophet #39


Prophet is a book that you should always pick up, especially if you have a science-fiction itch that you just can’t seem to find relief for.

True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys #4



Gerrad Way and Becky Cloonan have something special with this book. It’s ridiculously suspenseful and interesting. Way is building up quite the story, leaving puzzles for us to collect until we finally arrive at the entire picture. And not much else can be said about Cloonan’s art besides the fact that its ridiculously amazing.

Avengers #19



If you’re reading the Infinity event that’s currently sweeping it’s way through Marvel than you definitely have to pick this up. If not, you should still just swipe this off the shelves. Hickman has turned up the heat in most of the books he’s writing for Marvel and it’s exciting to watch them build, especially since it’s surrounding one of Marvel’s best events this year.

Mighty Avengers #1


Marvel’s publishing a new team-up book this week, but its really different from the one’s that were used to and thats what makes it interesting. Luke Cage has been M.I.A for most of Marvel now aside from Age of Ultron but now it looks like he’s captaining his own team. I’m hoping Iron Fist pops up for a little Hero’s for Hire reunion.