Review: Trillium #2

The first issue of Jeff Lemire’s Trillium was amazing in every since of the word. I’ve always loved DC’s Vertigo imprint for the same reason that I enjoy Trillium, overwhelming originality.

I don’t think you could have this emotionally potent of a story without the same person handling the art and writing duties. His vision is materialized perfectly It’s just one vision. Because of that there art maintains its uniqueness and loyalty to his concept. Because he knows exactly how he want’s each panel and detail to present itself Lemire’s ability to convey emotion reaches its maximum potential, thus allowing readers to empathize with them.


Most of the issue focuses on the futuristic traveler, Nikia and the troubled war veteran, William trying to break through what seems like an impossible communication barrier. They do everything ranging from charades to simple drawings in the sand. Many of the subtle things hit the hardest. These small endeavors bring them closer together and we still end up learning more about these two different characters.

There’s one instance where Nika punches a door, she hurts herself and her hand starts to bleed. Still unable to understand each other, William rips a piece of his shirt and wraps her hand with it, these characters have already established a connection despite their failure to understand the simplest of words.

This issue is slow, I’m mean it really doesn’t go that far anywhere, it stays in one moment that seems to last forever, but it’s an extremely important one and it sets the tone for the relationship that these character’s will have for the rest of his mii-series.

Trillium is a science-fiction tale intertwined with messages of curiosity, love and self-discovery that Lemire delivers passionately and it’s hard to pull away.

Final Score: 4.8/5