Review: All-New X-Men #16

Events are everywhere! It seems like there’s at least two or three going on at all times. But when one hits a book you can’t get enough of, it’s never a bad thing, that’s why I’m happy to pull every issue of X-Men battle of the Atom.

All-New X-men #16 picks up exactly where the first issue of X-Men Battle of the Atom #1 left off after the huge battle with the sentinels that brought old, new and former X-Men into the mix, nearly ending in horrible tragedy that was barley avoided.


Bendis is definitely taking on a huge task, trying to blend different elements, into a situation that demands a typically serious approach. But it works, just like it has through this entire series and its refreshing, especially since many books like to tap into the dark and brooding side of characters wen many of them have such bright upsides that serve the stories in jut as strong settings.

The playful challenging discussion between the old and new X-Men is what really pushes this issue, ringing in philosophical, scientific and moral ideas into this issue. The true colors from all fronts, begin to breach the surface.

And of course the issue ends on an agonizing cliff hanger. Damn you Bendis!

But none of this is important without Stuart Immonen’s gorgeous art.

Since Immonen has been on All-New X-Men I’ve become a strong supporter of his art. There’s been a few artist that come to mind when you first think about the X-Men. Jim Lee, Frank Quitely, Adam Kubert, Marc Selvestri, John Cassady and now you absolutely have to say Stuart Immonen, and don’t be surprised if he’s risen to the top of your favorites list.

Final Score: 4.4/5