Review: Justice League #23.1:Darkseid

If you’re bouncing around the titles on DC’s “Villain’s Month, you’re probably looking for those menacing characters that you hate but love to see. I don’t think anyone fits into that category more than Darkseid.


Greg Pak easily cast an evil, merciless Darkseid, which is exactly what we want. This is Villain’s month, right? I want to see one of DC’s biggest, wicked, monsters for all he’s worth and thanks to Pak I got my wish. I will admit I found some empathy in the humble beginnings of what soon would become one of the Earth’s biggest threats. Pak humanizes him before he transitions into a unstoppable force, giving us a very refreshing perspective on Darkseid.

Watching development of this character from his simple beginnings into a universal tyrant is an anxious task but Pak fills in the story with enough interesting stages that fans, both new and old, can appreciate and incorporate into future appearances.

Paulo Siqueria and Netho Diaz handle the effectively, painting a picture of a desolate, cold Apokolips filled with vicious monsters and desolation. The detail they put into some of these panels is unreal and the dark and red colors definitely perpetuate that sinister ambience only one as infamous as Darksied can command.

Justice League #23.1 one is an inviting story and a fun read that serves as a nice transition from the last few issues of Justice league that had us crying for the next issue.

Final Score: 4/5