Review: Forever Evil #1

After the conclusion of the Trinity War, I was reluctant to pursue another event, but I trust Geoff Johns and I grabbed Forever Evil #1. He handles events pretty well, and it doesn’t hurt that he happens the author of some of their best ones in past years. So far I’m glad I didn’t pass this up.

Johns sets up a very suspenseful issue, yanking up curtains to unexpected surprises on every other page. But the end of this issue contains the biggest shock. After that there’s no way you can predict what’s next, anything can happen.


Johns also establishes the tone steadily, giving different perspectives from all the villains and even some heroes. But this force they’re about to either join or rebel against is unlike any other we’ve seen since the start of the New 52. When the gates to Earth 3 opened evil came out.

David Finch holds down the art in this issue. I love the sharpness he provides in his pencils. His tight sketch-like style, really helps define the characters and its useful in situations that require shading as well, which is definitely important when most the issue is spent in a dark place…like a prison. There’s a huge four-page spread filled with almost every villain you can think of. It’s ridiculously striking and sets the tone for the entire series.

After only one issue, the entire future of all these heroes has changed, drastically. If this is what we should expect every issue, then I suggest you hop on this train before it leaves the station. There’s no limit to how far we’ll see these characters get pushed and Johns has already made even attempting to do so difficult. It’s about to get crazy.

Final Score: 4.35/5