Review: Batman/Superman #3

Only three issues in, Batman/Superman is one of my favorite books. Greg Pak brings so many different elements into each issue and its never packed. Everything fits perfectly together. It’s funny, dramatic, and suspenseful, I have no idea how he finds a way to squeeze all of this into 20 or so pages but he does.

Right now, Batman and Superman has been transported into a different universe with alternate versions of themselves, who happen to have a lot more experience doing the whole superhero thing. It’s ridiculously fun watching Clark and Bruce learn who they’ve become, what they do and even who they married. In one world you have them working like oil and water and in the other they’re the best of friends. Batman_Superman_3_Full-665x1024

Pak does a wonderful job creating these alternate personalities, revealing a lot about them through their competitive dialogue. The rest of their characterization is created by Jae Lee’s stunning art.

Lee has a capacity for drawing dark, shadowy figures like know one else. For Batman, this is a match made in Heaven. But my first thought for his Superman interpretation wasn’t as compliant When the series first started I was worried about was how he would handle Superman, someone who thrives off of light, literally and figuratively speaking. But after three issues, I can say my worries are completely dead.

Batman/Superman is quickly rising through DC’s ranks. You have two of the most popular characters who pop up in nearly a dozen books but Pak and Lee have created a new perspective separate from the rest. Thanks to Pak and Lee, the “world’s finest” heroes continue to live up to their names.

Final Score 4.4/5