Review: X-Men #4

Coming off of a short but potent three-issue arc, I was very interested to see where writer Brian Wood would take this new group of X-Men. Instead of keeping it on a more action filled stride he slowed it down a little bit.

Wood once again puts Jubilee at the forefront of the story with a little guest appearance from Wolverine. Together on Jubilee’s little vacation a very sweet story line is made as we dip back into her past. But Wood doesn’t slow it down entirely as he presents a duel storyline where he reveals that this new team still has problems when Storm is challenged on her actions from the last issue.X-Men_4-674x1024

Wood continues to write compelling dialogue between nearly every character focused on is emotional and provoking. The contrasting plot lines make for an extremely interesting perspective on the X-Men and really set up some questions that need to be answered and now we can at least see where Wood can go after starting this series off in a very good way.

Oliver Coipel departed on issue three, taking his wonderful talents elsewhere for the moment, but David Lopez does a fine job taking over the art duties. Lopez knocks out action sequences like nobody’s business.

With issue four, Wood starts stepping in a new direction with his new-age X-Men team and it’s a good idea to follow if you aren’t already. This series is just getting started after a couple of intense issues.

Final Score: 4.1/5