Ben Affleck to Help Write Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel Sequel

If you aren’t tired of hearing about Zack Snyder’s sequel to Man of Steel, here’s some more news! Indiewire has reported that Oscar winning writer and director, Ben Affleck will also have a hand in the script for the “Batman/Superman” movie. Apparently he was approached by the director of the latest Superman movie and requested that he be apart of the creative process as well.


This is a great news for everyone. For those that don’t remember Affleck received an Oscar for his screenwriting  in Good Will Hunting along with his co-writer Matt Damon. Bringing those kind of chops to what looks like Warner Bros. and DC Comics biggest film yet only bodes good things. Of course only time will tell how much of a hand he has in this. There also is no word yet on how this effect the role of Christopher Nolan as well.

For now we know that Affleck has a deal that attaches him to multiple movies with the same position in the future. Who knows, Affleck might actually write a Batman solo film.

[Via Indiewire]