Pull List 8/21/2013

Batman Beyond Universe #1


Anytime you can get a little Batman Beyond in your life, you should always take that opportunity. This series has been going on digitally for a while now but it’s finally made its way to print, which is awesome for those that don’t read digitally.

Daredevil #30


Silver Surfer makes a guest appearance in this issue of Daredevil. The Silver Surfer has been missing from the scene since Marvel now started. After Galactus popped up following the Age of Ultron conclusion, you could probably predict that the Silver Surfer wouldn’t be far behind. And what be

Superman Unchained #3


Synder’s Superman is probably the best iteration that you will find on shelves as far as ongoings go. It’s still early in the series and it’s a interesting version of Superman that we haven’t seen in too many other stories. But watching this character we all know so well grow in a new direction is a breath of fresh air. Plus Jim Lee is on pencis. C’mon guys, that’s more than enough of a reason.

X-Men #4


This is not only one of the best X-Men comics on the Marvel line but it’s also one of the best comics out there. One of the biggest draws is the beautiful art from Oliver Coipel. Unfortunately this is his last issue on still budding X-Men series. If anything just pick up this issue to see one of the best artist in the game do his thing.