Review: Invincible Universe #5

Invincible Universe has been bouncing around different characters that usually play background to the few big guns in the world that Robert Kirkman created. This pseudo-Justice League is a nice supplementary perspective on the world around Invincible. This series popped up after the events that spawned following Invincible #100 but we never really got to see the effects until now thanks to the clever building of writer Phil Hester.Invincible-Universe_5

This issue carries a little political chip on it shoulders. As the Guardian’s of the Globe take on some problems in the city. Unprecedented backlash from the people in the city along with mentions of banks ruining peoples lives, drones, North Korea, too much government and superhero regulating produce a lot of tension and bounce around the idea of power struggle. Politics don’t mesh extremely well with comics in most cases but Hester is leading towards a decent payoff with his use of the subject.

Artist Todd Nauck has been extremely reliable in this series, this issue holds up to par just like the few before. If you’re a fan of Ryan Ottley’s art in Invincible you’ll feel right at home reading Invincible Universe.

All in all, this was finally something different than the four previous issues that revolve around self-contained stories. Invincible Universe has quite the cast of characters and it’s nice to slow things down and build decent stores for them.

Final Score: 3.8/5