Review: Collider #1

Simon Oliver is traveling down a road that no one has explored or even rivaled in the latest addition to science fiction comics, Collider.

The story focuses on an agency that deals with the unordinary, something that you wouldn’t think needs any kind of policing, gravity. Members of this agency that patrol for abnormal spikes in the physics work for the FBP or the “Federal Bureau of Physics. They’re like gravity cops.COLLID_Cv1_PRINT_3pncuy4wjo_-674x1024

Oliver pushes the story through an underachieving protagonist named Adam Hardy. Adam is one of the got-to agents for the FBP but his past keeps him from being the number one guy on that list. In a story full of science and particulars, Oliver succeeds in bringing a lot of emotion out his story through Adam’s shenanigans and flashback at the start of the book.

Another thing that Oliver does extremely well is the introduction of all the outlandish themes that revolve around science or any other type of fact. Most comics usually lay it on pretty heavy and it requires the reader to do a little extra work to grasp on the ideas but you can jump right into this book.

Robbi Rodriguez has a flamboyant, energetic style that really brings the book to life along with the vibrant colors of Rico Renzi. They play off each other so well, almost like they think with the same mind.

Science-fiction is hard to nail down in any medium but Olive and Rodriguez have hit it right on its head. Colider is original, fun and lively. It definitely deserves your attention.

Final Score 4.5/5