This Weeks Pull List (8/7/13)

All-New X-Men #15

Watching the old X-Men forge their way through this new path that was thrusted upon them has been interesting to say the least. The changes that are made in not just their story but also the characters in the present help as a result of their absence in the past help challenge the core meaning of what it is to be an X-Men and what they’re about.


Trillium #1

Jeff Lemire’s latest project finally hits shelves this week. The premier issue of this min-series revolves around a sci-fi enveloped love story. Anything with Lemire’s name attached is certainly worth buying in my opinion. After the gap between now and the conclusion of Sweet Tooth, Lemire’s combination of art and writing on the same book has been missed.


Satellite Sam #2

Satellite Sam has a very strong noir-tone to its unique story, it’s grounded and the writing commands your attention. This book isn’t the kind of book that you’ll find most Wednesday’s.


Green Arrow #23

Green Arrow is now a must read every month, thanks to the creative team that hopped on board on issue 17. Writer Jeff Lemire is constructing an entirely new Green Arrow with layered origin that makes the character that much more potent.


Ten Grand #4

The mystic edge in Ten Grand is unparalleled in comics right now. If anything, it reminds me of Hellblazer a little. Nevertheless, the creative team is still carving its own path. The story still encompasses special properties that set it apart though. On top of the story, Ben Templesmith’s art is entirely fantastic.