Watch The New X-Men Days of Future Past Viral Trailer.

We haven’t seen much from the forthcoming X-Men movie, a few behind the scenes shots here and there are pretty much all we’ve gotten until now. Recently a viral marketing website,, launched and gave X-Men Days of Future Past a little background history. Not much of the plot for the film has been explained but after comic-con we did learn that sentinels, the biggest mutant destroying thorn in X-Men history, will be present in the film. Apparently they have a big part too. If you remember from the comics, Larry Trask is the creator of the sentinels and a huge antagonist in the X-Men legacy and the Trask name has been involved in a lot of the X-Men buzz lately. Here’s the trailer from the site but I suggest that you still go check out the website for yourself. There’s a lot of content to go through.