Grant Morrison’s Latest Project

Grant Morrison has quite a few things coming up in the future. Most of his stuff has been under-wraps except for the peek we got at his upcoming mini-series Multiversity. Now the latest brain-child of Morrison and the amazing Frazer Irving, Annihlator, that was announced well-over a year ago is finally getting some steam. We can assume the release of the book is coming soon but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Legendary just recently released Tale From Year Zero, a Pacific Rim base graphic novel. Bringing in big guns like Morrison shows that their getting serious about this comic thing. Maybe bigger things are on the horizon?


Here’s the Synopsis from Legendary:

Hellraising screenwriter Ray Spass has one last chance to restore himself to former glory as he struggles to write a new studio tent-pole movie, Annihilator. The film centers around the adventures of Max Nomax, a sci-fi antihero caught in an epic struggle against the authoritarian artificial life form Vada and its chief assassin, Jet Makro.

But when Max Nomax appears in real life, Ray thinks it’s a side effect of the brain tumor he was recently diagnosed with. Despite all logic, Nomax is real, having escaped from an impossible prison with no memory. Ray’s tumor is the key—it contains all of Nomax’s adventures, downloaded into Ray’s head before Nomax escaped.

Ray needs to finish his screenplay in order to get the information out of his head and shrink the tumor. Nomax needs Ray to finish his screenplay so he can remember who he is, what ultimate crime he has committed, and how to defeat Vada and save the universe from annihilation – if the unstoppable Jet Makro doesn’t reach Nomax and Ray first.