Aaron Johnson Talks About Playing Quicksilver in Avengers Age of Ultron

When the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were announced as additions to Marvel’s Avengers sequel-Avengers: Age of Ultron- I was interested in how they were going to bring this movie together. Right now Marvel Studios doesn’t own the rights to any X-Men characters. So as a result Joss Whedon will have to recreate the characters to fit his universe. Right now the details are kind of murky on how Whedon plans to make this work, its not impossible to do. It might just be a ton of clever wording and or it could be an entire character change. Either way we will be seeing an all new Quicksilver.


Right now the actor in the lead for the role for the newest addition to the Avengers roster is Aaron Johnson. The Kick-Ass 2 star spoke to Collider regarding his potential role in the Marvel Universe. Johnson said:

“I feel really flattered and honored that they came to me for that role.  I think he’s an interesting character and we’re just gonna keep going into that.  I sat down with Joss, I think he’s awesome, I sat down with the guys at Marvel and they’re also great; I think it’d be interesting.”

Again, nothing is set in stone, Johnson has yet to sign a contract or anything like that, but it seems like we’ve got our Quicksilver here folks. Interesting enough he’ll be one of two portrayals of the silver speedster. Bryan Singer, director of X-Men Days of Future Past also revealed that Quicksilver will have a part in his film.

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