This Weeks Pull List (7/31/13)

Batman Inc. #13


It’s time, the end of Grant Morrison’s Batman Inc. run is finally hear. Kind of sad, but I am excited to see what he has in store after all the buzz that has been going around the ending lately. It’s been a great ride, but its better to end it while it’s still good instead of letting the book go on past his ideal ending.

Collider #1


The core and true science fiction genre is not that large right now. There are a few here and there but nothing entirely focused like Collider is. The story revolves around an agent working for the Federal Bureau of Physics. That’s already more science that half the books out right there! Moving past that, the art looks amazing and the premise of this story is interesting enough to stand out above a lot of other books.

Guardian’s of the Galaxy #5


The main reason I’m glad for the Marvel now initiative is because  the introduction of books like Guardian’s of The Galaxy. Apart from seeing them cross over in other series and just popping up in short mini-series every now and then, it wasn’t that easy to find them. On top of that having a writer like Brian Michael Bendis take over when he’s on his A-game just makes this series a whole lot better.

X-Men #3


The art from Oliver Coipel is enough of a reason to pick this book up but fortunately for us the story is amazing as well. Only three issues deep and the story has already found enough footing took hook me in deeply.

The Wake #3


Scott Snyder has taken back horror in one swoop with The Wake. You won’t find a book that is genuinely put out there to give you that feeling  that forces you to have to look over your shoulder. This book is a perfect change of pace if you’re bringing home a stack of superhero comics. As he’s done with American Vampire, Snyder is giving of the most original stories you’ll find out on Wednesday’s.