Is DC Moving Too Fast On The Path Towards The Justice League?

DC is putting a Batman and Superman movie in the opposite corner of Marvel’s Avengers sequel for a superhero face off in 2015. This marks only the second film on DC’s current path towards a Justice League movie. But it will be the first time we’ve ever seen more than one hero from two different comics in a live-action DC film. After the Batman/Superman or whatever the title of the movie is (I refuse to call it Batman vs Superman until we get a real announcement), we’ll get a Flash movie and then its on to the Justice League in 2017.

But its a very different story on the other side of the fence. Marvel has seven completed movies, including an Avengers film which connected them all together. There’s already four more on the way, with one coming before the end of the year. They’ve built up a decent sized background with a little history for their future Avengers movies. This process  started five years ago and it hasn’t skipped a beat. DC had success with Nolan’s Batman trilogy but it’s nowhere near the same scale as Marvel. So anything in the future will be like traversing undiscovered land for the most part. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is still growing as it heads towards Avengers: Age of Ultron and it seems like it doesn’t plan on slowing down.


Now compare that extensive process to what’s going on over at DC. We just witnessed the first step with the latest Superman reboot ,Man of Steel, then moving forward from now we’ll see just two new heroes in only two new movies, unless there’s something DC isn’t telling us yet and in roughly four years we’ll meet the culmination of DC’s greatest heroes in the Justice League.  Only the newest incarnation of Batman and the Flash will be added to the Justice League roster until the movie is released. Feels like we are missing some people, right? Then again, they could just bring the rest of the team together in the Justice League movie. That’s not an entirely bad idea. Audiences aren’t completely ignorant to comic book characters, especially the well-known heroes. I think more movies should give us the benefit of the doubt. We know whats going on, its not completely impossible to follow. Why not give them a crash course and jump right into the action? It worked for Black Widow and Hawkeye. For the most part the Marvel movies felt connected, there was an agenda that pointed towards one goal. Forming the Avengers. But they did need several movies to complete their objective.

new-dcI’m not opposed to seeing more of these heroes. We’re just now getting to know this very different version of Superman. Watching him develop could be extremely interesting and it just adds to the characters fiber. Man of Steel did leave more than enough room to bring in outside additions into his world but it also established a platform to let Superman go off somewhere else. I think its okay to move on right from there.

Marvel has definitely set a powerful example on how to build a universe. Looking to them for direction is something that is absolutely impossible not to do, especially with their tremendous success. There isn’t a perfect blueprint for setting up this broad of a collection of movies, but if there was one, it would pretty damn close to Marvel’s. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done in a different way. The biggest difference for DC lies with the considerably less number of steps towards their larger project. That means there is less room for mistakes. Every decision made is crucial and can make or break their entire plan. Everything that follows the Man of Steel needs to have a complete and focused direction if they want to build a Justice League film that holds a candle to The Avengers.

It can be done. Despite the criticism the Man of Steel received, it still was a good starting point. I understand the use Batman/Superman film, they’ll pretty much set the tone and direction. The Flash movie is an interesting choice of heroes to help set up the Justice League in my opinion, but it could serve a huge purpose for all I know. Most of whats important is still going on behind closed doors. There’s a huge upside for the future of DC “cinematic universe” and a lot of ground to cover. All we can do is wait and see what’s going to happen. They’ve got my support. We might be surprised with how good this plan turns out.