Todd The Ugliest Kid On Eart Gets A TV Show

The Image Comics series, Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth, is the most recent comic book to transition its way onto the animated television scene. Only 4 issues deep, Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth has gained quite the following and it’s obviously caught they eye of some people over at Thank You, Brain! Productions & Titmouse, Inc. because they plan on bringing it to life. Producer Krysia Plonka over at  Thank You, Brain! Productions & Titmouse, Inc. had this to say while speaking to

“We are beyond thrilled to be the producing partner for TODD, THE UGLIEST KID ON EARTH alongside the animation geniuses at Titmouse, Inc.,” says Plonka. “This is the most deliciously f**ked up comic book we’ve ever seen, and it will be our distinct pleasure to bring it to life on the screen.”