Jaime Foxx Wants A Spawn Reboot

If you look at the list of characters over at Image Comics, you probably aren’t going to recognize that many, besides the few you might distinguish from The Walking Dead, Image Comics’ most popular series, you’ll probably be able to point out Spawn, Image Comics notorious anti-hero. Spawn was once and arguably still is one of the most popular comic book characters, especially in the 90’s. During that time we also got a Spawn movie that some of you might remember, staring Michael Jai White as Spawn. It never saw a sequel but it still might see the screen again.


After recently wrapping up his first superhero movie in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, actor Jamie Foxx is ready to move onto the next one. Foxx recently told Movies.com the is “aggressively pursuing ” a Spawn movie a long with a couple other sequels. I wouldn’t mind seeing a live action Spawn again. Maybe they’ll bring Angela along with him this time.


[Via Movies.com ]