Batman Inc. #13 Destroys The Concept Of Batman?

There have been countless writers fortunate enough to create weaves stories about Batman, but Grant Morrison is one of the greatest to ever dive deep into the mind of the Dark Knight. But just like everything good, his finally Batman story must come to an end. Yes, I’m disappointed to see him go, like many other fans are. The best part about him leaving Gotham, for now, is that he’s doing it on his terms. This feels like he has total control over the story and none of the other books are changing his plans, if anything his story is changing the rest of the books.


So with issue #13 we bid goodbye…for now, to Morrison. I’m looking forward to it, but according to Morrision in an interview with, we aren’t going to be keen on the ending.

Morrison said, “I really think a lot of people will hate it, because it’s super bleak. It kind of – to a certain extent it destroys the concept of Batman. So I think a lot of people will not like it. But then a few years will pass,maybe a bit less, several months, and then people will start to say, oh, this all makes sense. But I genuinely think it will cause a slight upset.”

So far Morrison has taken us on one wild ride in these last dozen issues of Batman Inc., I think the worst part about the upcoming issue will be knowing its the last one. I guess we’ll have to wait until the end of the month to find out how much we accept the conclusion.