Fantastic Four Will Begin Production in Louisiana.

A report from The Wrap has recently informed us that thanks to the removal of a bill that reduced the cap on the amount of tax credit it can hand out to production companies, the Fantastic Four movie will begin shooting in Louisiana. Initially production had planned to set up camp in Vancouver to begin shooting the reboot of the most famous family in comic books.


Louisiana has some very beautiful areas that I’m sure will look great on screen but I’m wondering where the Baxter builiding and the rest of the New York-esque setting is going to come in? Maybe this movie is heavy on the good ‘ol green screen? There’s not much out there to go on in regards to details about the movie. Right now the only information we know that is really of use is that Chronicle director, Josh Trank, will be directing this movie as well. As far as casting for the group of heroes, nothing has been made official yet,although for the last couple of months we’ve been hearing a lot of buzz around actor Michael B. Jordan, and Chronicle alumni, as the Human Torch.

[Via The Wrap ]