Where’s Wonder Woman??


It looks like we finally have an outline to follow towards the long awaited Justice League movie thanks to the announcements at San Diego Comic-Con. I didn’t think it would come along so fast but in a few steps we’ll have the culmination of DC greatest heroes meet on the silver screen. So far trailing the Man of Steel is a Superman/Batman movie ( I’d rather not call it Batman vs Superman or whatever until an official announcement is made), a Flash movie and then the Justice League arrives. I guess I can’t knock the plan until I’ve seen it unfold a little more but seriously…we don’t need a flash movie right now.

I’m happy for Flash fans, the trash talking speedster is one of the best characters in comics. He’s also one of the biggest parts of the Justice League. But I think DC should’ve went in a different direction.

A Batman and Superman’s movie has it’s obvious uses. The two spearhead the entire DC Universe for the most part. But there’s one  other person who happens to be just as important as these two. In fact this cog is only exceeded in importance to the Justice League machine by Batman and Superman. This integral hero or should I say heroine, is Wonder Woman.

imagesTogether Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman make up the “trinity”, arguably the three paramount heroes in DC’s universe, they also make up most of its heart as well. It’s weird, for a superhero who’s strong enough to give Superman a run for his money, surrounded by amazing stories and connected to one of the greatest mythos in comic books, to not even be given one shot, we haven’t even heard the slightest indication that the thought of a long overdue Wonder Woman film ever even hitting the crowning steps of the production phase for this new DC Cinematic Universe.

The Flash is a great hero but he isn’t as big of a bridge to other character as Wonder Woman in terms of content. She can bring a lot of different elements to the DC universe. That type of variety is something that is desperately needed if DC wants to branch out enough to catch up to Marvel’s pace.

The only other hero that could possibly bring as big of a scope is Green Lantern but I think DC is still mending their wounds over the recent failure of the their first attempt at a Green Lantern movie.

I don’t get it. We have all the tools we need to create every aspect of her. We can’t say there isn’t a story worth telling because there are tons. If the writers they’re leaning on can’t find any ideas then they might want to get some that are more competent. If they’re still looking for inspiration they don’t even have to go back that far, I’d even take the latest iteration from Brian Azzarello in the New 52 run he’s currently writing (which is absolutely fantastic by the way, read it if you’re not doing so already).

What’s next? Someone to fill that star-spangled outfit (if they decide to keep that costume)? An actress could be found easily I’m sure, it doesn’t even have to be someone we’ve seen, which might not be a bad thing.

Marvel has a star studded cast but not every one was an A-lister. Let’s look at Thor for example, Chris Hemsworth wasn’t exactly the star he is today before he was cast as Odin’s son, nevertheless it worked.Looking back it’s hard to imagine anyone else wielding the power of the Thunder God. Now the two are affixed forever. In fact, Thor is the perfect comparison for Wonder Woman. Not in terms of capabilities or anything like that. But the way Marvel developed Thor, how they built Asgard and manifested all that amazement in the different parts of his world but still left him grounded enough to exist with the Avengers can be translated just as easy to Wonder Woman’s World. Thor should give all of the shot-callers at DC a hint to how easily they could create Princess Diana’s home, Themyscira, and integrate her into the cinematic continuity with the other heroes while maintaining the substance of her character.

I love the Flash, he’s fun to read, I can’t even imagine how awesome it would be to see him come to life on the big screen. But376605432_37b453470f_o[1] there is a gigantic opportunity being missed right now. We desperately need a change of pace. We need some diversity. No, not in terms of race or sex but in story. The brooding hero theme that has been making its rounds in superhero flicks is stale. Also we can probably predict that DC is going to have several more Batman and Superman movies on the way. We can safely bet that we won’t see a Aquaman movie, a Martian Manhunter movie or another Green Lantern movie anytime soon. The only other plausible hero that’s worthy enough for their own solo movie is Wonder Woman.

DC’s universe will be in perfect enough shape after the Superman/Batman film to allow Wonder Woman’s presence to fit in just fine. We live in a day and age where we have superhero movie with talking raccoon…and a Wonder Woman movie is too hard to do? It sounds like DC is afraid to take a risk and would rather churn out Batman movies for the rest of its lifetime. Seriously, there are no more excuses. We want Wonder Woman.