Superman/Batman Film Given the Green Light.


The official logo for Superman/Batman

For years two of DC’s heaviest hitters have never crossed paths on screen, we’ve had several Batman flicks and quite a few Superman movies as well and they’ve never even seen each other…until now. Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter we’ve learned that next up to bat for DC is a Superman/Batman team up movie! Crazy, right? The Man of Steel team of  director Zack Snyder and Man Of Steel co-writer David Goyer will bring their talents over for the film as well. Henry Cavill will be suiting up in his big blue tights as Superman again but the role of Batman is still up in the air and we can safely say that Christian Bale is not in the mix for the role of the Dark Knight, as of now.


Batman and Superman have quite the history and some of their best stories are from the work in tandem, it’ll be interesting to see how Snyder brings the two characters, who are almost like polar opposites personality-wise, together. Its also nice to see that we don’t have to go backwards to move forwards in the DC cinematic universe. Another Batman origin story isn’t what we should be focused on and it doesn’t look like DC has any plans for another one either. After the Superman/Batman movie, a Flash movie and then a Justice League movie are what will subsequently follow in 2016 and 2017. Sounds good. My only problem is : WHERE IS WONDER WOMAN?!!